IPAWS Integration

WENS IPAWS Integration allows administrators to easily activate EAS, WEA, NWEM and Cog-to-Cog alerts. While other vendors require you to login to a completely separate system to activate an alert, WENS has IPAWS directly integrated into the same process administrators are used to when used each day.

Moreover, Best Practices & Tips are built in to the user experience to help administrators better use IPAWS and prevent accidental activations to the Public.

Certificate Connection Status

Users always know the status of both their Test & Production Certificates. In the event there is an issue connecting to FEMA's environments, WENS will immediately notify Administrators regarding the issue and let them know exactly what is causing it.

Pre-populate IPAWS Settings

WENS allows Administrators to pre-populate specific IPAWS alert settings in the Account profile so they don't need to start from scratch each time it is used.

Prepared IPAWS Alerts

Prepared or "Canned" Alerts can be created for IPAWS activations so they are ready to go at a moments notice. This is a perfect capability for the monthly test required by FEMA.