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NOAA Integration

One of the most important types of notifications to citizens, students or employees is the occurrence of severe weather. WENS allows administrators to configure their accounts so weather alerts are triggered automatically, not manually. By integrating the industry leading technology of WENS with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), response times are drastically reduced resulting in increased awareness and safety.

Accounts receive Watches & Warnings only relevant to them

Each WENS account is configured with the proper codes & coordinates to ensure that they receive alerts only meant for their area.

Schedule/Restrict Alert Times

Administrators can customize each NOAA alert to ensure that citizens are not awaken at inopportune times such as late at night. On the other hand, these restrictions can be fully removed so citizens are alerted for extremely severe conditions such as a Tornado Warning.

Define Groups

Each NOAA alert can be specified to only alert individual groups within the account

Define Medium

In addition, each NOAA alert can be configured to alert by voice call, text message, email, pager or all methods of communication.