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Nearly every College and University has implemented an Emergency Mass Notification system, or plans to within the next year. What factors are most important to your school as you consider deploying or replacing a Mass Notification System? Inspiron Logistics has deep experience in the Campus Emergency Notification arena, and has determined that the following characteristics continue to be critical:

End to End Reliability:

You need to ensure that the tragedies experienced on other campuses are not repeated on yours. Your notification system must incorporate the system redundancy and carrier connectivity that allows you to be confident emergency notifications will be delivered immediately

Administrator Interface Simplicity:

When a campus emergency is recognized there is no time to spend on navigating through irrelevant options and reading manuals. You need to have an alert launched within seconds, with our without prior training on the system

Student Interface Simplicity:

The effectiveness of your system depends on the accuracy and completeness of the contact database. Your students need a simple interface for updating their contact information as it changes

Budget Affordability:

Although campus safety is a priority, there is no room in your budget for an emergency notification system that is high priced or feature compromised. You need an affordable and full-featured solution