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Inspiron’s HCS enables hospitals and clinics to communicate rapidly and reliably during emergencies. With the Inspiron HCS emergency notification system, you can reach the right person or group, at the right time, wherever they are located.

With Inspiron HCS, hospitals are able to:

  • Respond more quickly to emergencies such as
  • Mass Disasters.
  • Emergency Codes Yellow, Red etc.
  • Weather-related Events.
  • Infrastructure Failures.
  • Abnormal/critical Results Notifications.
  • Extend Notification Processes Beyond Pager-carriers.
  • Provide Backup Notification When Pager-carriers Are Out-of-coverage.
  • Alert and Assemble Emergency Teams In Minutes.
  • Conduct Drills Using Easily Repeatable Methods.
  • Comply With Joint Commission Emergency Communication and Reporting Requirements.
  • Reduce Communication Costs.

Inspiron Logistics is a leader in the Emergency/Mass Notification industry, and is active with hospitals of all sizes, from 1,000 to 25,000 employees.