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Your emergency planners are able to develop procedures that are only as good as your communication tools. How do you send a boil order notification to a specific neighborhood? How quickly can you plot the portions of your community impacted by the plume from a chemical processing plant and alert them with an evacuation route? Can you reach the growing number of citizens that no longer subscribe to a land line telephone?

The Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS) from Inspiron Logistics is a proven public safety emergency notification solution. As a web-based alternative to Reverse 911, WENS can be automatically and regularly updated with the latest PSAP data providing the address and phone number information for the land lines in your community. And, unlike a Reverse 911 system, your citizens can also opt-in to WENS through a simple on-line interface to identify their alternative contact methods, including work phone numbers, cell phone numbers and email addresses.

WENS provides your emergency planners with the best communications tools available, and they can develop better emergency procedures as a result. With WENS, alerts are easily targeted to any geographically defined region. And with WENS, alerts can include voice alerts to land lines, voice and SMS alerts to cell phones, and also email alerts to PCs.

With the Inspiron WENS emergency notification system you can alert any subset of your citizens, at the right time, using the best contact methods.