And though supplies were limited, that immunity to COVID-19 could indirectly prevent infection for others who did not receive the shot – half of those 100 seniors will not get sick and shed the virus in Osage and other nearby towns.

However, those who receive their shots must continue to take precautions and wear masks.

“It feels good,” Ketelsen said of watching seniors file through the site. “It was amazing. I’m glad we’re able to do this for our county. I just wish we had enough vaccines to vaccinate everyone.”

Late Friday morning, Ketelsen got her wish. She found out more vaccines were on their way to Osage. On Tuesday, 150 more residents will receive their first round of shots, beginning at 8:30 a.m. All appointments are already filled. It will take around four hours to vaccinate all 150.

As well, on Friday, Public Health set up a mass vaccination at the Saint Ansgar School District. Around 86 staff members were vaccinated in one hour.

Next Friday, doses will be administered at the Osage School District beginning at 6:30 a.m.

When more vaccine arrives in Osage, a Wireless Emergency Notification System text message will inform the public when appointments are available.

In addition, according to Mitchell County Public Health, it has made the decision to discontinue the Osage Test Iowa Site. Public Health states the choice to move on from testing is the result partially of the introduction of vaccines.